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Carrom Pool MOD APK [v7.1] {COINs/GEMs UnLIMITeD} all HACKed

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Carrom PooL MOD APK| Disc PooL MOD APK| HacK MOD APK| AiM HacK: Are you all searching for the carrom pool mod apk, then you are in the right place. We, are here to provide this APK for FREE (LATEST) with some PREMIUM [UNLOCKED] features. Our DisC PooL mod APK has the version of UNLIMITED COINs & GEMs with a DOWNLOAD option too.

WE promise you all that choosing [] for PooL APK won't make you REGRET. So, WHAT are you waiting for? 

GO download Hack MoD APK right NOW!

   About Carrom PooL

Carrom PooL, this disc game is AMAZing and it was launched on 12th NOVEMBER, 2018 by MiNi CliP. And till now it has captured a HUGE portion of the market and tons of USERs increasing DaY by DaY. 

From the name you can understand that this is a MULTIPLAYER board game. Carrom PooL on this APP can be played in both ways- Online & Offline with friends. In the gameplay, you need to put all the COINs-like pieces into the wholes made for them. The person having the majority of pieces, at last, is the WINNER in this Disc game. 

On 9th MARCH 2023MiNi Clip launched the latest update of the Carrom PooL disc game. That update is now being ROLLED-OUT as v7.1.2 and has many features added in addition. Like the location, privacy section, DATA-Lined to you, UNlinked DATA, and DATA used to TRACK you, etc. The latest disc pool APP is V7.1.2 NOTE that. 

Public response for the latest version and its UPDATE is very much great, so we were HAPPY too. WILL you all now go for "carrom disc pool mod APK"?

  App Info

NameCarrom PooL MOD
Total Downloads1M+

   MOD 😎 Features Carrom PooL Apk [AiM HACKed]

Carrom PooL has some mod features that can't be VISIBLE normally. So, we have UNLOCKED them to be visible for you all in disc PooL mod APK v7.1.2 CHECK them out right NOW!

PlaY With FrinedS

MiNi offers a wide range of connectivity in their GAMES. BUT in this DISc PooL game they have provided a wide variety of communication option for their users. With the AUDIO chat to VIDEO call [UPCOMing].

carrom pool screenshot-1

DifferenT GAME ModeS

Carrom PooL game has 3MODs- Carrom, DISc & FreeStYle which are very much versatile and quick responsable. This game doesn't LAg or BUFFEr in any device also it totally compatible with each and every APPLe products. You can install this mod on iPhone.

PlaY Around THE WorlD

BY using this game you will be able to compete with the persons from worldwide. This can be something like the STRANGEr PlaY but don't worry MiNi Clip is very much safe & secure in these things. You have an option to choose with whom you want to PlaY.

carrom pool screenshot-2

CollecT aLL THE StrikerS

Yes, they have definite section of PriZes 😍 like new boards, some extra coins, etc. if you coLLecT all the STRIKERs in the given time.


Leader Boards are something that every PlaYer will love in this game. The MiNi Clip team has built such a great sYstem of leadership in carrom disc pool game. The plaYer with more points, more coins or gems and more likes are on the top of the Leader Boards. So, can you become the TOP PlaYer?


Carrom Board game offers a sYstem a of multiplaYer at a time. Means that you can plaY and target more than one plaYer at a single time, for sure in different matches. BUT this will be unlocked only when you will be at some TOP LEVEL.

Carrom PooL HacK

Carrom PooL has a HacK moded version where you will get some NEXt LEVEL benefits. In the modded hacked version we have given proper aim option, spying on the opponents option and a power pack in the STRIKERs in each multiplaYer Match.

carrom pool apk screenshot-4


Unlimited COINs & GEMs are present in carrom pool but not in the normal APK. This feature is given in the mod version 7.1.2 APK of Carrom DISc PooL. Here you will get more than you need, which will help you all to increase your ranking and POWER-UP your STRIEKER. Below we have given all the details and steps to install this mod version.

Carrom PooL MOD APK AiM HacK

AiM HacK is the thing we all love in this board pool game, without this incredible feature MiNi Clip must be something boring. BUT they know this very well and provided AiM HacK option in every section. All details are shared further πŸ‘‡.

   WHAT is Carrom DISc PooL MOD APK?

Carrom DISc PooL MOD APK is basically the mod version of Carrom PooL, by the MiNiClip. IN this mod APK you will get more than you expected and something special from our DEVELOPER team. We have made some huge changes and added some more ATTRACTIVE features for you all.

For that, you just need to download this DISc PooL mod APP [v7.1.2from [] on this site. After that just install it on your desired PLATFORM like ANDROID, IOS, or PC. All the special features are mentioned in the MOD features SECTION. 

So, NOW will you be able to choose this Carrom DISc APK? If still not, then see thisπŸ‘‡

   WHY choose Carrom PooL?

Many people don't accept things without any proof. So, the same case goes for the downloading of the Carrom PooL MOD APK. DON't get worried we have a solution below.

Carrom PooL board game is developed by the MiNiClips and they are a very big and WELL-KNOWNED company and they can't afford any kind of SCANDALs with their product. 

Then WHY they will perform some wrongdoings with their GAMEs which are so much popular worldwide. 

The users of this DISc pool game are increasing DaY by DaY. Is there any sense to do that in HacK MOD APK, I don't think so. Many people say that this Carrom PooL is not available on the APPLe StorE due to some security ISSUEsBUT the reality is not this MiniClips' each and every product are totally ACCESSIBLe from both PlaY StorE & APPLe StorE.

Therefore, WE think that this was enough to prove Carrom PooL to be legit, SAFe & SECURe to use. Further, the INSTALLATIONs are given in a detailed way. 

So, WILL you GO with Carrom PooL?

   Carrom PooL Features (INCREDIBLE)πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Multiplayer matches [3 MODs]- Carrom, DISc PooL, and FreeStylE.
  • Matches with FriendS of FriendS
  • TOP NOTCH Competition
  • Upgradable STRIKERs
  • Unleash FrenzY
  • OfflinE GAME PlaY
  • Victory CHESTs [EXCITing PrizeS]
  • PucKs & StriKers [Wide RangE] UnlocK
  • Realistic PhYsics with Smooth Controls
  • GloriouS ARENAs [PoWeR PlaY]
  • LuckY Daily GOLDEN SHOT [FREE]

                    UNLIMITED COINs & GEMs DOWNLOAD [Carrom PooL MOD Apk]

                    Carrom PooL UnlimiteD COINs + GEMs download option is available in this board game. And with this unlimited money (COINs) in the game, you can buy the pRo features and have some extra benefits.

                    By using these PRO features it will be very much beneficial for you to win the matches within no time. BUT the main problem is, if you lose a match then you will lose some of these COINs or GEMs, which may also lead to emptying your packets.

                    Therefore, we are here to provide you the best solution. To avoid this big ISSUE you can simply download the carrom pool mod apk v7.1.2 In this mod version APK we have the features of UNLIMITED GEMs & COINs, even if you lose any match you will not lose any COINs. So, you will have a carrom pool hack game. 

                       AiM HacK- Carrom PooL MOD Apk

                    AiM HacK is only present in version 7.1.2 of  Carrom DISc PooL mod APK. Without this, the board game would be totally incomplete. AiM HacK is the only facility provided by the MiNiClips to perfectly ShooT at any target in range. 

                    This feature helps the players to win the match Online Single-PlaYer or Multi-PlaYer without much effort and in less time. BUT this is in the carrom pool hack version and it has something different than the Unlimited coins and gems feature. Providing you a carrom pool hack match.

                    The AiM HacK option is provided to both players in a match. They can only use it if they have sufficient COINs & GEMs available in their WALLET. For that, you can just follow the above πŸ‘†☝ feature to know about the unlimited money. So, we can say carrom pool hack [AiM] is somewhat relatable to GEMs & COINs, with the same hack version mod APK.

                       HacK MoD- Carrom DISc PooL  Apk

                    HacK MoD version of the Carrom DISc PooL mod APK has features more than your expectations. Here you will get unlimited coins and gems to download, an aim hack option for the perfect shoot on a target under the range, and a carrom pool hack BaTTLe.

                    In this hack mod version of carrom pool, we have inserted all the things that you needed in order to play a perfect BaTTLe to WIN. From this mode, you will get a special PooL ARENA for each battle. With the applications inside this carrom pool hack mod, you can WIN the matches from the pRo PlaYers.

                    BUT using this HacK MoD version can be a little bit risky. This is because the carrom pool hack apk offers you the features of SpYing on the opponent in a particular GamE PlaY. It can be used as an opportunity for some wrongdoing, or as a great STRATEGY to win the match very easily. SpYing feature can make you the pRo mAx PlaYer 😎 of carrom pool APK

                       Carrom PooL MOD APK v7.1.2 (LATEST) Download for Android

                    download carrom pool mod apk

                    Carrom PooL Version 7.1.2 Download Now! πŸ‘‡

                    Install From Play Store

                    If you want to install this app from Play Store you can click on the below button from here you can download it and install it Play Store.

                    Install Now!

                    download carrom pool apk for android device

                       How to install Carrom PooL (HacK MOD) APK?

                    Installation is very simple, but if you are first time downloading a mod apk then follow our below steps:

                    Step1: – On the first place, open your favorite browser and search for, Download the Latest Version of Carrom PooL from this site.

                    Step2: – Now make sure you have already Enabled the Unknown sources, if not then Open your Android Settings>Security and enable the Unknown Source option. See the below Animation:

                    Unknown Sources

                    Step3: – Now search for the downloaded APK file in the APK section and open that to start the Installation process.

                    After waiting a few seconds your Installation will be successful, enjoy the free ride of Carrom DISc PooL MOD APK v7.1.2

                       WHAT'S 😍NEW? (Carrom PooL APK)

                    From the last update which was on 28th MARCH 2023, they have changed a lot in their features system and board system. We have reviewed and found that they did it for all the great things for their users.

                    Carrom DISc PooL mod APK has totally changed after this update was rolled out, they have provided MULTIPLE boards for each baTTLe ARENA. And they introduced something called biLLardS, along with a different choice engine for each carrom pool hack arena. Making this carrom pool incredible.

                    After this listed update, the game has become safer and more secure to play online. Especially in the MULTIPLAYER matches with the strangers all around. We think that this update was more important from the security perspective than the features upgradation. Since we have experienced some major and fast changes on the server side of this DISc PooL game.

                    Carrom PooL hack mode has also got some crazy pieces of STUFF 😜 including the HacK MoD APK and the AiM HacK MoD APK.

                       Carrom PooL MOD APK v7.1.2 [COINs/GEMs/HacK Mod- UNLIMITED😍]

                    Carrom MoD APKv7.1.2
                    Carrom PooL HacK v6.7.9
                    Carrom PooL HacK APKv6.8.0
                    Carrom DISc PooL HacKv7.1.9
                    Carrom DISc PooL MoD APKv6.7.0
                    Carrom PooL unlimited COINs and GEMsv7.1.1

                    More Old Versions
                    carrom pool mod apk old versions
                    Carrom DISc PooL MOD APK download OLD versions

                       Carrom PooL APK for IOS Device(iPhone or iPad)

                    download carrom pool apk for IOS device

                    We have always preferred IOS devices over others. BUT everyone can't afford that, that's WHY we have put this section at last. People think that MOD APKs can't be installed on iPhones or can say APPLe devices.

                    This is partially correct, as some popular Companies offers their MOD versions to be installed on IOS. The same goes for the MiNi Clips APKs of carrom pool can be installed on iPhones or any other APPLe DEVICEs. The steps are same as the installation on a PC or LAPTOP through the EMULATORs like Bluestacks, NOxPlaYer, MeMu PlaYer, etc.

                    TO install the carrom disc pool mod apk on IOS DEVICE(iPhone or iPad) just follow the steps of the installation process on a PC/LAPTOP.

                       Carrom Pool or Carrom PooL MOD APK for PC 2023

                    download carrom pool apk for pc

                    Carrom PooL MOD APK for pc: I know people are here in this section to know wheter we can install this apk on PC or not. SO, yes you can install it on PC/ LAPTOP but for that you need wisely follow the guidance below:

                    The WEB version or the EXE file of the Carrom DISc PooL APK  is not available on the internet. Also, there is no other direct way to install it on your pc. But through the third-party Android EMULATORS, you can use this APP on your LAPTOP or PC for FREE. EMULATORs are the software that provides you the facility to use the ANDROID apps on desktops for free. 

                    Therefore, using these THIR-PartY softwares you can use DISc PooL on all your devices.

                    1. SEARCH for BLUESTACKS on your Laptop/PC and Install it from GOOGLE.
                    2. Open the Bluestacks App Player and log on to from the Chrome browser.
                    3. Download the Latest version [v7.1.2] of Carrom DISc PooL MOD APK and install it on the EMULATOR.

                    Now, start ENJOYing the carrom pool hack game on a PC/LAPTOP

                      It is not necessary to use Bluestack, you can go with the alternatives Android Emulators like LDPlayer, MuMu, Nox Player, and many more. Use one of them according to your PC’s hardware configuration.

                         Frequently Asked Questions- Carrom PooL MOD APK

                         Last Verdict

                      No doubt Carrom PooL is a masterpiece Application, Thanks to the developer for making such an app which gives us the Freedom to use it properly. In fact, this is the Most Popular and Number one board GAMEs Mod apk we have ever seen. We hope you have successfully downloaded & INSTALLED Carrom PooL APK the latest version [V7.1.2].

                      Also, Bookmark this Site [] to get notified of any future updates. Every month MiNi Clip release an update with new features and bug fix.

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